One on One flying lessons for beginners and industry professionals are available.

Photography/Videography courses for those who want to start their own Drone Services business as well.

·    Drone Basics – Your Drone’s Platform and Components 

Basic system knowledge / Command and Control Systems / Positioning & Navigation System / Imaging Basics / Basic FAA Regulations

·    Setting Up Your Drone

Downloading the DJI Go App / Connecting your device / Performing firmware updates

·    DJI Go App

System Status / Flight Modes / GPS / Battery Level / Camera Settings / Telemetry Data

·    Preparing for Your First Flight

Verifying System Status / Performing Compass Calibration / Startup & Take-Off / In-flight Stick Commands / Landing and Shutdown 

·    Advanced System Settings

Multiple Flight Modes / Beginner Mode / Return to Home Basics / Maximum Flight Altitudes

·    Autonomous Flight Modes

Accessing Intelligent Flight Modes / Course Lock / Home Lock / Point of Interest / Follow Me / Waypoints / Active Track / Tap-Fly / Draw / Gesture / Tripod Mode / Terrain Follow


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Automated Airspace Authorization is here.

You asked for it. We’re delivering. AirMap is an approved U.A.S. Service Supplier of the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability system (L.A.A.N.C.) to U.S. commercial drone operators.

Request authorization today with the AirMap for Drones mobile application.



Part 107, the new FAA commercial drone regulation, allows drone pilots to fly UAS or UAVs for business purposes. To fly under Part 107, you need to pass the FAA drone pilot test called the Airman Knowledge Test. The two hour, 60 question test requires extensive studying and will help you ace your test to getting your drone pilot license!


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Drone Photography & Videography with Trey Ratcliff

DJI Film School

How to film amazing aerials with your drones - Tom's Tech Time